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Hey there! I’m McKayLenn, the proud owner of Black Sheep Creations. It’s a cozy little biz that I run right out of my home, with a bit of help from my family and friends. I learned most of my skills from my grandmother, father, and Youtube videos to be able to create truly fantastic products. Originally from Nebraska, I now call Central Virginia home.

I have a business degree and a background in cosmetology, but my heart has always been in design and crafting. I’m super passionate about what I do.

Quality is everything to me, which is why I only use high-quality materials in my products. You know you’re getting the best when you shop with me. I’d be absolutely thrilled to work with you and create something truly unique together!

Good to know

Hello! Our workshop and office areas are smoke-free. However, I am the proud owner of three adorable pups who love to run around. While I do my best to keep them away from all materials, there may still be a chance of some transfer of their fur. You know how it is with dog hair, it’s like glitter – it sticks to everything and is hard to get rid of!

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