Holiday Wine Pairings

The holiday season is in full swing! For some of us, we need a little liquid holiday spirit to make it through. Read on to find some delicious wines to pair with turkey and difficult relatives.

We all have our go-to-favorite wine, but it’s the holiday season which means gatherings with friends and family. In order to be the host with the most, we want to offer wine pairings that are on par with our main course; but which one to choose? Red or White? Well that all depends on your protein or vegetarian entree. 


If you’re serving the tried and true classic turkey dinner, white wines pair best. Try a Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay to go with your turkey, roasted vegetables and green bean casserole. Have some die hard red wine drinkers? Pair your turkey with a Pinot Noir or Zinfandel to match up with that herby stuffing or apple pie dessert.


The “other white meat” on the menu? Glazed or honey baked hams are best paired with a wine that has a little sweetness to match. Select a Moscato or White Port. Need something a little dry? Grab a Riesling or White Merlot for a dryer finish. For the party hopping red wine drinker, try some new-world style reds like Australian Shiraz or American Petit Syrah.


Fancy Prime Rib with horseradish sauce the star of the show? Cabernet Sauvignon is a classic pairing that has been the tradition for years. But a nice Cab isn’t the only wine that can stand up to the bold flavor of Prime Rib. A peppery Syrah is a great choice to compliment that horseradish sauce. Serving wine drinker newbies? Pair a nice cut of beef with a Merlot, its strong flavor is smooth on the palate. Die hard white wine drinker at the table? A dry Riesling or Pinot Grigio can stand up to the textures and flavors of red meat.


Observing the newer tradition of a vegetarian Tofurky main dish? Grab a California Pinot Noir, its richer and fuller body will help soothe the salty side of the this entree. Substituting cauliflower for meat? Pair a rich cauliflower dish with a Pinot Gris. Its slight body and depth will not overwhelm this hot dish.

Whatever you’re serving this holiday season, it’s sure to be delicious. Just make sure you save some wine for your guests! Not hosting? Don't worry any of these wines make great gifts.

Did you know boxed wines have only gotten better over the years. Even a small box of wine usually contains the same amount as 3 bottles of wine! Want to have the statement piece of the table? Pick up a boxed wine (or two) and serve your guests from one of our Decorative Boxed Wine Covers. Score extra brownie points with the host by gifting them a custom engraved Decorative Boxed Wine Cover; just add wine!

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