Just a Phase

Just a Phase

Mugs aren't just for coffee, sip your favorite beverage from a mug with attitude.


Drink your beverage of choice from a sturdy mug with attitude. The mug has a smooth ceramic finish, straight walls and holds up to 15ounces. The image isn’t just a vinyl sticker, this mug’s image is sublimated, which means it becomes one with the mug itself. The results are permanent, seamlessly smooth – and dishwasher & microwave safe.*

*Care instructions:

  • Wash on the top rack only.
  • Avoid extra cycle options such as heated drying cycles, sanitize, and steam cycles.
  • For longest-lasting results avoid scrubbing pads, heavily dyed detergents, and steel wool as this can damage the outer coating of the mug and the transferred image.
  • Liquid, power, and “pod” detergents are safe to use.


Additional information

Weight .73 lbs
Dimensions 10.795 × 24.13 in

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